We specialize in tailored packaged services; however, we also offer project-based services, which are available in our Á La Carte service menu section. Packages require a commitment of at least 6 months. We’ve found that a minimum of 6 months can begin to show you the true effectiveness of our services. Of course, extensions beyond those 6 months are welcomed and recommended for continued company growth. Please contact us for pricing.

Product Analysis & Recommendations 

If your company is losing out on sales or looking to rebrand your image, having someone assess your products and goals may give you the insights you need to move forward. Let us help. We will talk with you about your challenges, assess your assets, and research what you need to position yourself in today’s market. This can be as short as a quick phone call or a detailed presentation that you can use time and time again to aid in selling your products.

Areas that can be assessed in this package

  • Target market
  • Price point (SRP, Wholesaler, and Distributor)
  • Distribution outlets
  • Staffing
  • Product categorization
  • Terms & Conditions (ex: for shipping or payments)
  • Packaging design
  • Marketing materials & outlets
  • B2B material usage
  • Product description & usage write-ups


Introduction to Marketing 

For small companies, marketing is usually an afterthought, rather than a plan that is set in place before the first of the year. However, to get the most of your promotional efforts, setting a quarterly/yearly budget in advance, and allocating the money will not only ensure that your efforts work together, but that your money is spent as effectively as possible. Let us help. Give us your budget and after assessing your current position and goals, we will develop a marketing plan to meet your needs.

Plan Creation service options include

  • Business-to-Business (B2B) promotions
  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C) promotions
  • Print and Online advertising
  • Tradeshow/Event hosting and participation
  • Sponsorships and donations
  • Volunteer efforts
  • Discounts
  • Speaking engagements
  • Sampling initiatives
  • Product launches
  • Highlighted/Featured product or service
    • Allocation of dollars on a monthly basis
    • Divisions of personnel, traditional media, online media, in-store efforts, and supporting software
    • Shipping, printing, and product costs will also be taken into consideration


Social Media Packages

We’re guessing the people who said that social media was a fad are feeling pretty wrong right now. The fact is that social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can be the most powerful tools for your business. Add pages on sites like YouTube, Instragram, and/or Pinterest for a more comprehensive approach. Before, if your company did not have a website, it did not exist. Now, if your company is not utilizing social media, you will simply be overtaken by your competitors who do.

So, what does it take? It takes continual updates, monitoring, content generation, consistent company branding, with relevant calls to action. You need to keep information about your company fresh and in the minds of those who see it as well as evaluate the results of your efforts regularly. We can help.

Basic Package
Services included in this package

  • Facebook and Twitter business page creation
  • Daily posts to your Facebook page with autofeed to Twitter
  • Creation and management of Facebook ads (1 per month) and promoted posts (max one per week)
  • Interaction with Facebook and Twitter fans/followers
  • Monthly analytics report

Increased Web Presence Package
Services included in this package

  • Everything from Basic Package, plus:
  • Page creation on two other social media sites (choose from YouTube, Instagram, and/or Pinterest only)
  • Daily monitoring and reposting of company mentions to YouTube, Instagram, and/or Pinterest

Online Brand Reputation Management Package
Services included in this package

  • Everything from Increased Web Presence package, plus:
  • Monitoring and responding to posts about brand throughout the web
  • Create and manage web brand ambassadors


Online Product Review Aggregation Packages

We all know that word of mouth is the most powerful form of promotion. Testimonials by the end users show third-party support that your products actually work. When these reviews are posted online, they have the potential for an exponential number of people reading them. Reaching out to bloggers catering to your demographic is the most effective way to spread the word broadly and rapidly about your products. We can help.

Basic Package
Services included in this package

  • 5 mailouts per month to US and Canada-based bloggers
  • E-mail communication for product information and usage tips
  • Tracking and organizing of posted product reviews

Increased Web Presence Package
Services included in this package

  • Everything from Basic Package, plus:
  • Monthly e-newsletters written and distributed to bloggers to encourage “PR-style” posts to blog sites

Online Brand Reputation Management Package
Services included in this package

  • Everything from Increased Web Presence package, plus:
  • Create and manage web brand ambassadors


Public Relations Package

If your company is consistently creating new products and services, being involved in the community, or hiring new staff, but not announcing these events via press releases, you are missing out on a valuable opportunity.

Establishing relationships with the press can make sure your company gets the attention it deserves. PR gets your business known — by the media and, in turn, by potential customers. We can help give your company this edge.

Services included in this package

  • Write and deliver company news launch press releases
  • Write and deliver new product/services launch press releases
  • Foster relationships via phone and e-mail with the media on behalf of your company: including editors, radio hosts, and TV producers
  • Monitor media outlets for events and story ideas related to your industry: then, contact media in pursuit of positioning your product/services within story angle and/or event
  • Monitor sponsorship opportunities
  • Create and present your press kits at various trade events (travel costs are extra)


Editorial Management Packages

Our team consists of professional writers and editors familiar with the beauty industry. Our top priority is to present the information in a well-written, reader-friendly way that shows a defined topic and outlook.

Depending on the type of content you need generated (for a blog, e-newsletter, magazine, etc.), we can provide you with regular blog posts, e-newsletter featured content, updates for your website, or articles for your media outlet.

Monthly E-newsletters
Services included in this package

  • Content creation and placement on existing HTML template
  • Distribution via e-marketing provider of your choice
  • Analytics report on results

Monthly Magazine
Services included in this package

  • Yearly editorial calendar creation and fulfillment
  • Article submissions up to 550 words per week written by industry professionals, edited by our team with brief for posting on social media plus high-res images when available
  • E-mail responses to incoming editorial inquiries

Daily Blog
Services included in this package

  • Monthly editorial calendar creation and fulfillment
  • Article submissions up to 350 words per day with thoroughly researched information, cited facts, descriptive title, pull quote, and brief for posting on social media plus images when available
  • E-mail responses to incoming editorial inquiries


Print Design Package

From sales sheets to deal flyers, all types of businesses need fresh materials to present to their suppliers or customers on a regular basis. If you know this need is a constant for you, consider hiring us on for an extended period of time, rather than a per-project basis. We can be your go-to person anytime you need a flyer, postcard, or even banner designed. Best yet, by working with us on a continual basis, you can ensure you are producing a consistent image every time.

Services included in this package

  • Designing of any products listed in our B2B and B2C Marketing Materials Á La Carte section, up to 25 hours of work per month
  • Organization and filing of company documents and images
  • E-mail responses to graphic inquiries


E-Commerce Maintenance Packages 

More so than a static website, e-commerce sites need to be dynamic and updated regularly to draw attention to the site. We can help with the constant upkeep and promote visitors to your site.

Services included in this package

  • SEO on each product on the site (existing and added)
  • Adding products to the site (up to 12 per month)
  • Reorganization of categories as needed
  • Editing of static pages as needed
  • Creation of home page image banner (if applicable – once per month)