Working with Us


All of our work involves creativity and there is no exact science to the creative process. As you begin your work with us, it is best to have an open mind, be flexible to change of direction, and be unafraid to try something new. When taking any idea from a level of uncertainty to clarity, the largest chunk of time is spent on defining objectives and researching direction.

While Beyond Green Media is working for you, we are also working with you, forming a team. How much of a role you play is up to you, but open communication and mutual understanding are key.

Step 1: Information Gathering The Brief

This step involves close collaboration between us. We must get all of the information from you upfront on what you expect from us.

Step 2: Thinking & Researching Creative Problem Solving

The next step is to research the market and pick a general direction consistent with the brief established in Step 1.

Step 3: Approval of Direction

By the end of Step 2, a general direction to go with the work will have been established. In this step, we will present sketches to you to be used in consideration for the direction to go with the work. You pick and give approval for Beyond Green Media to start customizing the direction to your specific brand.

Step 4: Implementation to Completion

Working off of the sketch chosen, we now begin customizing and perfecting the work, turning the sketch into the final product, then delivering it to you.