“Stephanie is a creative, results-driven, multi-skilled, and proactive person. She has no problem working quickly when necessary. She is goal-oriented and professional with lots of knowledge in her field. She can also focus on many tasks at once.”

–  Alexandre Cutait, Vice President,

“Beyond Green Media has been a valuable asset to my business. Because of their attention to detail and timeliness in completion of assignments, I have been able to take my business to another level. Whether you are a new company or a seasoned business, Beyond Green Media is someone you want to have on your team. Trust me!”

– James Washington, President,
Beauty Brokers, Inc.

“Taking on our first website, Stephanie had the patience to guide the project through to completion. Her creative process was expedient and accurate. She also turned our outdated logo into a more beautiful, modern version. Our website is informative and attractive, while still being very user-friendly. We recommend her each time someone compliments our site! We were extremely pleased with her work and look forward to calling on her and her team again!”

– Jerelyn Parker,
Cicely’s Beauty Supplies

“What I truly appreciate about working with Stephanie is her prompt feedback and professionalism to stay on target with deadlines. Being in the media, our world is very unpredictable and her professional approach to getting the job done is always precise and excellent. Her designs are modern and in niche with our market. We also admire her keen eye for details.”

– Matt Pettoni, Publisher,
Strategy Magazine

“On behalf of my team members who have had the privilege of working with Stephanie, I would like to happily endorse her as a dedicated professional with a passion for her work! She has captured the hearts of those of us who have been fortunate to see her in action. Her creativity along with her genuine desire to please her clients is highly commendable. Stephanie is a woman of integrity and her life radiates the fact that she is a ‘giver’ and never a ‘taker’.
      She is dependable and can be trusted to follow through with her commitments. Stephanie’s writings and projects along with her sincere and consistent effort to make a difference for others warrant my strong endorsement for her and Beyond Green Media.
      If you are in need of assistance in the area of communications to help promote your business, Stephanie Threinen is the person for the job. It gives me great joy to highly recommend Stephanie and her company, Beyond Green Media.”

– Margaret Collins, National Marketing Director,