Behind The Name


‘Beyond Green’ means a change in the way we do business and live our lives.

Our name was not chosen lightly. It started with following the trends of the “Go Green” movement, recognizing that being eco-friendly is not just a fad, but a change in the way people are living their lives and running their businesses. Individuals and companies are beginning to think outside themselves and their immediate needs and make choices towards a greater benefit.

Beyond Green means to operate a business and live a life that is in tuned to the needs of a community, working to fulfill a goal towards a greater benefit.

Beyond Green Media collaborates with the decision makers of companies to take their thought process to the next level by providing them with eco-friendly or socially-conscious solutions in marketing and business operations. Examples include: refocusing company efforts to the needs of the end consumer versus their bottom line, marketing volunteer efforts, or finding a relevant nonprofit for them to work with. We believe that consumers will buy from the companies that promote their “beyond green” efforts because they feel like they are, in some way, doing their part just by making a purchase from a company that shows they care.

Our frog with a crown is a representation of your company

The logo of Beyond Green Media features the hand of a tree frog grasping a bamboo pole. In all of our marketing materials, we feature our Frog with Crown. This frog is a representation of how we can help your company.

A frog is a popular symbol among cultures worldwide for its representation of opportunity and transition. When you think about the life cycle of a frog, you realize the struggle and sacrifice it takes to reach adulthood (as it does for a company). A frog will lay enormous quantities of eggs (as a company must do to promote their business), yet only few will survive.

Our frog is agile and alert. His extended tongue is an expression of reaching far to get what you are after. His crown is a salute to the frog prince fairy tale, showing that transformation is possible with the right help. We are that help.